Muhammad Waseem Anwar and Farooque Azam: (poster)
Proposing a Novel Architecture of Script Component to Incorporate the Scripting Language Support in SCADA Systems

Dariusz Rafal Augustyn: (oral presentation)
Query selectivity estimation based on improved V-optimal histogram by introducing information about distribution of boundaries of range query conditions

Alisa Babskova, Jan Martinovic, Pavla Drazdilova and Katerina Slaninova: (oral presentation)
Dynamic Centrality for Directed Co-Author Network with Context

Przemyslaw Berezinski, Marcin Szpyrka, Bartosz Jasiul and Michal Mazur: (oral presentation)
Network Anomaly Detection Using Parameterized Entropy

Adrija Bhattacharya, Avirup Das, Sankhayan Choudhury and Nabendu Chaki: (oral presentation)
Agent-based Context Management for Service-Oriented Environments

Tapalina Bhattasali, Khalid Saeed, Nabendu Chaki and Rituparna Chaki: (oral presentation)
A Survey of Security and Privacy Issues for Biometrics based Remote Authentication in Cloud

Maciej Brzozowski and Andrzej Chmielewski: (poster)
Hardware approach for generating b-detectors by immune-based algorithms

Thinh D. Bui, Son T. Nguyen and Quoc B. Ho: (oral presentation)
Towards a Conceptual Search for Vietnamese Legal Text

Thanh Duong and Quoc Ho: (oral presentation)
A Vietnamese Question Answering System in Vietnam’s Legal Documents

Xie Feng: (poster)
Evaluating Industrial Control Devices Security: Standards, Technologies and Challenges

Dusan Fedorcak, Tomas Kocyan, Martin Hajek, Daniela Szturcova and Jan Martinovic: (oral presentation)
viaRODOS: Monitoring and Visualisation of Current Traffic Situation on Highways

Juan Carlos Figueroa-García, Emanuel Jonathan Medina Pinzon and Jannan David Rubio-Espinosa: (oral presentation)
Non-cooperative Games involving Type-2 Fuzzy Uncertainty: An approach

Imed El Fray, Tomasz Hyla and Wlodzimierz Chocianowicz: (poster)
Protection Profile for secure sensitive information system on mobile devices

Ammlan Ghosh, Anubhab Sahin, Anirban Sil Sarma and Rituparna Chaki: (oral presentation)
A New Contention Management Technique for Obstruction Free Transactional Memory

Wladyslaw Homenda, Agnieszka Jastrzebska and Witold Pedrycz: (poster)
Joining Concept’s Based Fuzzy Cognitive Map Model with Moving Window Technique for Time Series Modeling

Wladyslaw Homenda, Agnieszka Jastrzebska and Witold Pedrycz: (poster)
Time Series Modeling with Fuzzy Cognitive Maps: Simplification Strategies

Hong-Quan Hua, T. Hoang Ngan Le and Bac Le: (oral presentation)
An Effective Initialization for ASM-based Methods

Yongwen Huang, Zuhua Jiang, Xiangde Xiang, Cneng He, Jfeng Liu and Ying Huang: (oral presentation)
An inner-enterprise wiki system (IWkS) integrated with an expert finding mechanism for lesson-learned knowledge accumulation in product design

Tomasz Hyla, Witold Mackow and Jerzy Pejas: (oral presentation)
Implicit and Explicit Certificates-based Encryption Scheme

Ripon Kumar Chakrabortty, Ruhul Amin Sarker and Daryl Essam: (oral presentation)
Event Based Approaches for Solving Multi-mode Resource Constraints Project Scheduling Problem

Worapot Jakkhupan and Supasit Kajkamhaeng: (oral presentation)
Movie Recommendation using OLAP and Multidimensional Data Model

Dariusz Jankowski and Konrad Jackowski: (oral presentation)
Evolutionary Algorithm for Decision Tree Induction

Bartosz Jasiul, Marcin Szpyrka and Joanna Śliwa: (oral presentation)
Malware behavior modeling with Colored Petri nets

Rafal Kozik and Michal Choras: (oral presentation)
A proposal of algorithm for web applications cyber attack detection

Ondrej Krejcar: (oral presentation)
Universal central control of home appliances as an expanding element of the Smart Home concepts

Wojciech Lesinski and Wladyslaw Homenda: (poster)
Decision trees and its families in imbalanced pattern recognition: recognition with and without rejection

Tien Lu, Bay Vo, Hien Nguyen and Tzung-Pei Hong: (oral presentation)
A New Method for Mining High Average Utility Itemsets

Małgorzata Lucińska and Sławomir T. Wierzchoń: (poster)
Spectral Clustering Based on Analysis of Eigenvector Properties

Nhat Vinh Mai, Nhat Duy Nguyen, Thi Hoang Vy Ho and Nguyen Hoai Nam Le: (oral presentation)
An Approach for Integrating Multidimensional Database into Context-aware Recommender System

Hieu Duong Ngoc, Hien Nguyen, Vaclav Snasel, Quyen Nguyen Thi Ngoc and Long Bui Ta: (poster)
Applying Recurrent Fuzzy Neural Network to Predict the Runoff of Srepok River

Nhat-Quan Huynh Nguyen and Thai Hoang Le: (oral presentation)
Enhanced LBP-based face recognition system using a heuristic approach for searching weight set

Phan Nguyen and Thang Bui: (oral presentation)
A Multiple Refinement Approach in Abstraction Model Checking

Hien T. Nguyen, Phuc H. Duong and Vinh Thanh Vo: (poster)
Vietnamese Sentence Similarity Based on Concepts

Nhuong Nguyen, Nhi Vo and Tan Cao: (oral presentation)
Semantic set analysis for malware detection


Daniel Oliveira, Diana Oliveira, Nuno M. Garcia and Graça Esgalhado: (oral presentation)
An Off-the-Shelf Platform for Automatic and Interactive Text Messaging Using Short Message Service


Stepan Ozana, Martin Pies and Radovan Hajovsky: (poster)
Computation of Swing-up Signal for Inverted Pendulum Using Dynamic Optimization

Stepan Ozana, Martin Pies, Radovan Hajovsky, Jiri Koziorek and Ondrej Horacek: (oral presentation)
Application of PIL approach for Automated Transportation Center

Piotr Panasiuk, Marcin Dąbrowski, Khalid Saeed and Katarzyna Bocheńska-Włostowska: (poster)
On the Comparison of the Keystroke Dynamics Databases

Anna Pieta, Michal Lupa, Monika Chuchro, Adam Piorkowski and Andrzej Lesniak: (poster)
A Model of a System for Stream Data Storage and Analysis Dedicated to Sensor Networks of Embankment Monitoring

Michal Pluhacek, Roman Senkerik and Ivan Zelinka: (oral presentation)
Chaos Driven Particle Swarm Optimization with Basic Particle Performance Evaluation – An Initial Study

Antoni Portero, Stepan Kuchar, Radim Vavrik, Martin Golasowski and Vit Vondrak: (oral presentation)
System and Application Scenarios for Disaster Management processes, the Rainfall-Runoff Model Case Study

Santanu Roy, Ranak Ghosh and Soumya Sen: (oral presentation)
Materialized View Construction Based on Clustering Technique

Emil Saeed, Anna Bartocha, Piotr Wachulec and Khalid Saeed: (poster)
Influence of eye diseases on the retina pattern recognition

Petr Saloun, Peter Drábik, Ivan Zelinka and Jaroslav Bucko: (poster)
Big Data Spectra Analysis using Analytical Programming and Random Decision Forests

Paramita Sarkar and Ditipriya Sinha: (poster)
An Approach to Continuous Pervasive Care of Remote Patients based on Priority Based Assignment of Nurse

Roman Senkerik, Michal Pluhacek, Ivan Zelinka, Donald Davendra and Zuzana Kominkova Oplatkova: (oral presentation)
Comparison of Chaos Driven PSO and Differential Evolution on the Selected PID Tuning Problem

Chien-Wen Shen and Chin-Jin Kuo: (poster)
Analysis of Social Influence and Information Dissemination in Social Media: The Case of Twitter

Przemysław Spurek, Marek Śmieja and Krzysztof Misztal: (oral presentation)
Subspaces clustering approach to lossy image compression

Przemysław Spurek, Alena Chaikouskaya, Jacek Tabor and Elzbieta Zajac: (oral presentation)
A local Gaussian filter and adaptive morphology as tools for completing partially discontinuous curves

Jakub Stolfa, Svatopluk Stolfa, Katerina Slaninova, Jan Martinovic and Václav Snášel: (poster)
An Impact of the User and Time Parameters to Sequence Alignment Methods for Process Mining

Puchong Subpratatsavee and Pramote Kuacharoen: (oral presentation)
An Implementation of A Paper Based Authentication Using HC2D Barcode And Digital Signature

Puchong Subpratatsavee and Suchai Tanaiadehawoot: (oral presentation)
Grasping Action for Impaired Vision Action Using HC2D Barcode Technology

Seiji Sugiyama, Daisuke Yokozawa, Atsushi Ikuta, Satoshi Hiratsuka, Susumu Saito, Miyuki Shibata and Tohru Matsuura: (oral presentation)
Abbreviation Method for Some Jointed Relations in Displaying Genealogy

Václav Svatoň, Jan Martinovič, Kateřina Slaninová and Václav Snášel: (poster)
Improving Rule Selection from Robot Soccer Strategy with Substrategies

Adam Szczepański, Krzysztof Misztal and Khalid Saeed: (poster)
Pupil and iris detection algorithm for near-infrared capture devices

Ryszard Tadeusiewicz and Adrian Horzyk: (oral presentation)
Man-Machine Interaction Improvement by Means of Automatic Human Personality Identification

Loc Tran, Linh Tran and Trang Hoang: (oral presentation)
Novel ranking methods applied to complex membership determination problems

Dang Khoa Vo, Tran Vu Pham, Tuong Nguyen Huynh and Van Hoai Tran: (oral presentation)
Multi-criteria route planning in bus network

Lukas Vojacek, Jiri Dvorsky and Pavla Drazdilova: (oral presentation)
Combination of Self Organizing Maps and Growing Neural Gas

Ivan Zelinka: (oral presentation)
Chaos Powered Symbolic Regression